What black girl is emo?

Do you have to be white to be emo or can you be black as well? Can a black girl become emo?

Answer #1

anyone can be anything!

Answer #2

So long as the idea of it suits you and the clothes are ones that you like go right ahead.

Answer #3

well yeah. if you believe in labels race doesnt really matter when you wanna do something.

Answer #4

emo is a STEROTYPE it has NOTHING to do with cutting (self harm) depression (a mental disorder) suicide, eating disorders, ect age, gender, race, colour of skin, country your from, ect NOTHING anyone in the world can choose to slap a label on themself if they want to

Answer #5

well said

Answer #6

well if you want to get into race and what not… i am hispanic but i have darker skin… so many people think that i am “black” but i kind of am…but then again…i kind of am not. the black people say that i don’t act black and the same with the hispanics…they say that i am trying to act white… im confused. i just act like me. and i am emo… race has nothing to do with it.

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