Black scene girls?

Hey are there any black scene girls out there?

Answer #1

to vampiricallis: hey cool I never knew anything about a black scene girl. I was just wondering. I didnt ask it to be racist im just curious.

Answer #2

I personally havent seen any but theres no reason why there wouldnt be I’ve even seen a muslim punk! theres all sorts of people with mixed genres and that nowdays

Answer #3

I am! Black and scene

Answer #4

R you RACIST? why would you ask a dumb ? like this? ENLIGHTEN ME!

Answer #5

Whats scene

Answer #6

You can’t call yourself scene, girls. If you do, that’s POSING. I personally think its cool to be a black scene/emo person. Im black and love the style. I just think saying “IM SCENE” or “IM EMO” is fake. And whoever keeps saying the question is rascist, STOP BEING STUPID!

Answer #7

hey ya im an black scene girl.why?

Answer #8

I have on

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