Have you ever seen a emo black chick?

I am pretty much..people look like thy just saw ghost.has any one else.. If so what did you think of them. Please no negativity

Answer #1

u wise

Answer #2

Emo blk chic? hmm… considering emo is supposed to be a “style”. and not some exclusive club or race, why wouldnt we see emo blk girls?

But to answer your question-YES, and she was ridiculously hot. =]

Answer #3

I don’t get why people look at meh like im wierd because im black and emo and makes meh mad and upset sometimes

Answer #4

Ya and I like seeing them. It shows that they are themselves and don’t care about filling the “black chick” persona. Be yourself. I always wanted to be emo but I’m also a cheerleader…… people meet me and realize I’m not like all the others and it would be a lot easier for me if I was just myself AND did what I loved. So just stay the way you are! ^_^

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