Black girls going blonde

Is it wrong for black girls to go blonde…before you answer one must understand black girls come in thousands of different skin tones…but lets go with a caramel coloered black girl…whadaya think?

Answer #1

No I think it would look a bit tacky.. but its their decision, whatever makes them feel comfotable!

Answer #2

depends what colour blonde too. Peroxide blonde looks bad on almost anyone.

But I’ve seen black girls with caramel blond ish hair and dark blonde hair and it looked lovely :)

Answer #3

I guess it would look good. But I guess it just depends on the facial features and stuff.

Answer #4

I say do what you feel comfortable with, as long as it doesnt intentionally hurt someone else. dont let other people influence you from doing what you enjoy doing…I mean isnt that what America is all about?

Answer #5

I agree with ally. I’ve seen some that just make me want to shave their head but others I think is very unique and sexy.

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