Can black girls be emo?

I dont think they can im not sure I never had a emo like me.

Answer #1

umm yeah what are they saying black people dont have emotions? lol

Answer #2

YES really…everyone should know that ANYONE of ANY sexuality, gender, race, religion, ect can choose to be a sterotype and slap a label on themself

Answer #3

Emo is a stereotype - NO stereotype has ANYTHING to do with your race whatsoever. Be YOURSELF. Don’t worry about what others will think. Oh and you don’t just randomly “go” emo unless your a poser.

Answer #4

um yes they can…every person has emotions and just because your skin is a differnt color doent mean that they cant b something god it feels like where are repeating history AGAIN…its like saying white people cant be rappers like rilly?!?! wtf is wrong with you people im a proud BLACK emo well im not proud that I…nvm but still ya andy1 can b w.e. they want 2! even if they are black or white it STILL shouldnt matter…

Answer #5

Anybody can, I guess depends on your ‘personality’

Answer #6

Anyone can be emo :)

Answer #7

Yes, they actually can. It’s all based on emotions.

Answer #8

yes you can be emo, I’m black & I luv the look, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a life because my life is fun & flirty, you just have a chance 2 get emotional.

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