What are things to do while baby sitting for the first time?

I am 13 years old and I have never babysat before. I am babysitting my cousins friend who is my new neighbor. He is a 9 year old boy and seems very nice. I have met him a few times before but still do not know him that well. I would like to know tips about babysitting, what activites to do with him, and how to make it fun for him. Oh and its at night so I cant go and play sports with him outside.

Answer #1

Let them watch TV, if they want to play a board game with you play along, and let them stay up an hour late. Trust me they will love you forever.

Answer #2

be calm with the kids im 13 and I babysit all the time dont get to mad at them, do things they want to do even if you dont like it, keep the house cleeen and ya thats about it!:)

Answer #3

Watch t.v, watch a movie, watch something. Play monopoly. :D Any board games, card games. NO strip poker. Don’t bake anything with him though. It could get messy. and you could use something you weren’t supposed to use. umm. that’s all I got. sorry.

Answer #4

You can :

Pop popcorn and put his favorite movie on .

Make a treasure hunt for him .

You can create an indoor obstacle course for him to do .

Buy a cheap coloring book and color with him .

Highlights magazines have all kinds of activites for kids to do.

Hide-and-go-seek is a fun game for all ages.

You and the boy can make up a new game , or you can get a piece of paper and pencil and make a new board game.

Gather items ( beads , stamps , etc. ) in an old shoe box and do arts and crafts :)

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