Big girl with big boobs, small girl with no boobs,which one?

If you had the choice of a skinny girl with like a cup or a bigger girl with like d cup breasts. Who would you pick. I mean they both pretty and both have good personalittys.

Answer #1

Smaller with no boobs most DEFINITELY!!… I don’t care about tits, it’s the pussy that gives you pleasure, not the boobs Big girls are grotesque, I’d prefer a petite lady - (but that’s just my opinion)

Answer #2

To date? big girl definitely…

Answer #3

I loove boobs.

Answer #4

Smaller. Big boobs give you back problems. Plus, it really isn’t fun.

Answer #5

jlc you don’t look big or look like you have big boobs lol

Answer #6

little girl with small boobs…I’m a big girl with big boobs…not funn

Answer #7

the more the merrier. ((:

Answer #8

I would go for big girl with big boobs!loads of fun!!!

Answer #9

I think I would choose bigger aswell ehh eh :)

Answer #10

mm, probably big girl, more curves, more fun! :)

Answer #11

Bigger haha

Answer #12

Definitely the smaller girl, long as she’s not so skinny that she looks like a sack of bones. Small girls look nice with small boobs. They also look nice with big boobs, so long as they don’t sag to their waist. Both small and big boobs are nice.

Answer #13

big girl because my girl is like that and she can give a good bang

Answer #14

I would go with bigger I mean a girl needs curves I think I cant stand the girls that are so skinny they have not boobs

Answer #15


Answer #16

small boobs they stay sexier longer without sagging and it easier to do things with them without their huge boob getting in the way

Answer #17


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