What are the benefits of adoption?

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the benefit of adopting a kid is the opportunity of being a mother, bringing a miracle home, you know, saving a life. but if your too young, dont do it. live your life while your young. trust me, enjoy these years. if your old enough ( at least 18 or 19 ), if you think your ready, go for it (:

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The kid will be able to have a loving family that will give it everything it could and love it and take care of it. But really if I got prego I would keep my kid and do everything I could for it.

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People will adopt pets and get SOOO attached. Can you believe how a child affects them? I grew up in an orphanage and when a kid went thru the adoption process it was awesome. the parents would come there several times and the kids knew that this was good . -- We were young and did not know why it was good but we were happy for those that got adopted. Today it is different - no more line ups and "I pick him".
Like all of life -- some work out and some don't.

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Some ofthe benefts of adoption is that a person who is unable to have a child may have the chance to have one. Some people would do anything to have one or one more child and be unable to, then you have the people who cant be bothered or it was a mistake and get pregnant. Usually the parent or parents are screened. Have to be financially able and prove these things. You know that normally a child adopted is going to someone who wants it.

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giving a child that already is here a home and family...

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