What's your opinion about apophis in 2036?

According to nasa, a 1,350 foot long asteroid is going to hit the earth in 2036. they have marked an s-shaped line of where the asteroid is expected to hit. the line begins somewhere north-west of india and ends at a north-western part of africa. experts have predicted that the asteroid will hit (mainly) the ocean, which will cause devastating tsunamis to affected countries (although I’m not sure which countries will be affected). I don’t know what will happen in places such as italy or the united kingdom, etcetera, but I would like to find out what they think will happen. what are your thoughts about all this? do you believe it will happen? or do you have any more information about it that I’ve missed out?

Answer #1

well that sucks. but statisticly it will change course in time and avoid us. if not theres options of using gravity tractors to pull it (for anyone who yells its not real, you are a gravity tractor, its placing somthing with gravity next to it to slowly pull it to the side), destroy it so if were lucky it will burn up in the atmosphere, or push it, or just do nada.

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Well, they said tornadoes and earth tremors couldn’t happen in Britain and there was less chance than one in a million. But Birmingham got a tornado and an earth tremor happened somewhere in England. These days anything could happen, even if it has a low probability.

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If you want to see what they’ve predicted go to youtube.com and type in: “Apophis 99942: The Killer Asteroid of 2036” posted by fenos1. That scared the crap out of me. Heaven help us if this actually happens.

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Okay. I think I’ve calmed down about the whole thing now. If I’ve seemed a bit argumentive to some people, sorry. I’m not usually like that. I’m more of a quiet person most of the time. And I’ve been having a difficult time lately and my mental health is sort of gone off the scale a bit. I’ll try to calm down a bit more in the future (unless the apocalypse kills me. Lol. Just kidding). =o)

Answer #5

Let’s quote that same article you’re being so alarmist based on:

“Additional observations of the trajectory of Apophis revealed the keyhole would likely be missed, and on August 5, 2006 Apophis was lowered to a Level 0 on the Torino Scale. As of October 19, 2006, the impact probability for April 13, 2036, was calculated as 1 in 45,000. An additional impact date in 2037 was also identified; the impact probability for that encounter was calculated as 1 in 12.3 million.”

As for why they’re studying it - if there’s even a fraction of a percent chance that an asteroid would hit earth and wipe out most or all of humanity, don’t you think it’s worth devoting resources to?

Answer #6

“These days anything could happen, even if it has a low probability.”

Er, duh?

That’s the point of probability: It defines how likely something is to happen. Low probabilities don’t mean “impossible”, they mean “unlikely”.

What’s your actual point? That unlikely things can happen? We know that, but claiming that something unlikely (1 in 45,000) is a certainty as you did in your original post is totally misleading.

Answer #7

I found it on wikipedia. This wasn’t based on any calendars or from the bible. This is to do with space and time. Apophis is supposed to come very close to the earth in 2029, and they thought it might hit then instead of 2036. But statistics changed things. Even though there’s a chance it might NOT hit, for some reason they’re STILL worried. They even made pictures about it. Why would they worry about it if they thought nothing was going to come of it? That’s what scares me. They were right about electricity and the tsunamis…

Answer #8

well if any of this is true you just got to live your life day by day and enjoy it and hope people who can save us chose to

Answer #9

Well if were lucky enough. The only way for it to enter earth’s atmosphere. We have a magnetic field around earth. If apophis gets in our magnetic field it would be a whole another story. So let’s just hope that it dosn’t get near our magnetic field.

Answer #10

There’s no need to be so rude about it. =o(

Answer #11

it doesnt matter the end of the world is in 2012

Answer #12

Ps. I can’t picture NASA saying all of this as a joke. They seem genuinely concerned for the whole nation’s safety. They even estimated that there would be over 10 million casualties. Scary. 0_o

Answer #13

Sorry, but I don’t have Superman’s address. Lol.

Answer #14

Who reaaly gives a flying fu-k ?

If it aint the global crisis, or world climate change,maybe the men from mars will get us !If you follow hitchikers guide to the galaxy,or Dr who them little exterminate must be a certain way to go !!!

Thou;- I will continue marching on here, in outback Oz. As you in them bigger cities will be first to go, I am bloody certain of that. so beers and cheers to 1 and all,may ya asses hit panic buttons and stop wasting ya time worrying about dribble of this nature…:)

Oh by the way, my ex wife said the fires of hell, will get us first ! She was a jeahova!!!

Answer #15

I don’t… I have never heard about that… can you give me the website you saw it on? o and have also been hearing that the world is going too end on 12.12.12… But I dont believe it even though the Maya Calender says it but NAW… Look everyone said that the world was going too end on 6.6.6 and look we are still here… and we are in the year 08’ almost 09’…

Answer #16

the experts will be certain in 2011 follow the link

Answer #17

“It is statistically almost certain that the asteroid won’t hit us in 2036, or even six years after that when scientists are already warning of a rematch. Besides, all sorts of things could cause similar levels of havoc well before then — climate change, pandemic disease, nuclear war and toxic food come to mind.

We live in fearful times. Do we really need something else to be afraid of? Before we start a “war against asteroids,” perhaps we need more information and a thoroughly informed debate. Not to mention the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup.”

The above is an excerpt from


which is a very good read.

        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #18

And then there’s that killer bee thing.

By the way much of the youtube clip was taken from a Hollywood flick, not sure of the name but it may have been just Asteroid, and she didn’t even give credit to the film, they will probably be a bit ticked about that.

We’ve had near misses in my lifetime, and over earth’s history it has been hit many times I’m sure, look at the face of the moon. The difference we have forces that erase the scars, some are still here. And it seems to me it is not if, but when one will strike us, but that may be in 2036 or 9999. IF it is headed our way, for humanity’s sake we can only hope that some of the theories that are being considered to remove the threat are advanced to the stage of being put into place.

We’ve got to watch for them for just that event.

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