How long would it take..Mars to Earth radio transmission?

If I send a message from mars.How long before some one responds from Earth?

Answer #1

At their closest. it takes 8 min. yay science geeks:)

Answer #2

Find out how many miles it is from Mars to Earth.

Divide that number by 186,000 which, I believe, is the approximate speed of light per second.

Divide that answer by 60 to find out the number of minutes for the trip from Mars to Earth.

Double your answer if you want to know how long it would take, minimum, for an answer to get back to you.

Answer #3

It varies greatly based on where they are in their respective orbits. You can calculate the minimum time by taking the difference between the orbits of the earth and mars (this would occur when they are at the same point in their orbit), and the maximum time by calculating the sum of their orbits (this would occur when they are on opposite sides of the sun). You need to double the figures for a round-trip.

Answer #4

At their closest. it takes 8 min. yay science geeks

No, at their closest it takes a little under 3 minutes.

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