What happens if the Earth stopped moving?

What would happen if all of a sudden the earth stopped moving and we got pulled tward the sun?

Answer #1

who asked this and why do they ask the obvios although it is possip for the earth to stop moving via a rouge impact like a big big asteroid or planet it isn’t likely

Answer #2

Any force powerful enough to stop either the Earth’s rotation OR revolution would completely destroy all civilization and probably all life. Bummer, no more keggers.

As to where the resulting mess would go — could go anywhere, although the sun’s gravity would tend to give it an orbit like a comet. Eventually the orbit would decay and plunge into the sun — or the sun could slingshot it into interstellar space.

Interesting question, and I suspect a rather advanced physics solution is possible.

Answer #3

^ yeah that could be right. interesting question. I want to know the answer.

Answer #4

well it depends where on the axis it stops and how far along on its revolution and where you live…

Answer #5

Stop revolving or stop rotating?

Answer #6

once side become ice agae the otuher a desert maybe

Answer #7

it’s will burn and we will all die.

Answer #8

Simple, we will get cooked, and fried instantly.

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