Does the sun move around the earth or the other way around?

Does the sun move around the earth or does the earth moves around the sun???

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The planets move around the sun.

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it was believed a long time ago that the sun used to orbit the earth until a great scientist said the earth moves around the sun. recently I have been acknowledged that a muslim scientist has proof that the sun moves around the earth, I have learned that he has proof and evidence from past events that the sun orbits the earth but it is all very confusing because if that is true then verything we have been doing for the past how many years is wrong and this will change the world forever but only if its true.

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Funny thing about that is the belief that the sun moved around the earth was the most common belief early on in western civilization. The sun has more mass. The magnetic polarities of the planets around the sun keep them at different distances from the sun. Get a ball tie it to a string and spin it around. Do you orbit around the ball or does the ball orbit around you?

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I wonder whether this question was asked in jest.

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It depends on who you ask.

For the longest time the Roman Catholic Church stated that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Recently they came out to say that whether the Earth revolves around the Sun or the Sun revolves around the Earth depends on your perspective which is true in a certain respect though not helpful from a celestial mechanics point of view. Due to the claim of papal infalibility they can not admit that the Church was ever wrong about anythying so they had to reconcile the Earthcentric and Heliocentric systems.

Most people will tell you that the Earth revolves around the Sun. The Sun is much larger than the Earth and the center of gravity of the two bodies is beneath the surface of the Sun so while the pull of the Earth does pull the Sun the effect is so small that it in no way revolves around the Earth.

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what are you, medieval? all planets revolve around the sun...duh...

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I noticed some people claimed the Earth "rotates" around the Sun.


The Earth REVOLVES around the Sun, and ROTATES on its axis. There is a difference.

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The earth moves around the sun

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all the planets rotate around the sun

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All the planets do not revolve around the Sun. Only 8 planets revolve around the Sun. All of the other planets revolve around different Stars.

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all the planets move around the sun.

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The Earth rotates around the sun, and to prove it to you just do a little experement::
Get a dry-erase marker, also get a flash light. draw a line at the very edge of the flash light put a little circle in the middle. enter a dark room with no light, turn on the flash light spin the flash light counter-clock-wise. I won't tell you the conclustions, but what I will tell you is the line represents Earth and the circle represents the sun.

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yes the eath moves around the sun- as said in the quran over 1000 years ago

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The earth moves round d sun

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the earth goes around the sun lol x

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Dear all
It has become confusing, because everyone is using words as per their own understanding for e.g.
revolve, rotate, move and go
I would like to clear first following.

1. if something is MOVING it is not necessary that it is ROTATING also similarly if it is ROTATING it does not means moving also

for ROTATING, it needs a fixed axis and for MOVING it needs a path.

2. if something is MOVING, it is not necessary that it is REVOLVING also but if it is REVOLVING it means it MOVING also.
for REVOLVING it needs some other THING/OBJECT to have an orbit around it and its orbit only become its path for MOVING.

3. It is very much possible that an object can ROTATE and MOVE and REVOLVE also in same time.

The best example is our EARTH
I. Earth ROTATES on its axis and complete rotation in 24 hours which makes day and night.

II. in the same time Earth REVOLVES with Axial tilt around the SUN and complete a Revolving in One Year which makes Winter and Summer and causes of longer/shorter days and nights

So, since earth is getting a round of sun so its ORBIT is its PATH so it is MOVING also.

MOONS are revolving around the planets
PLANETS are revolving around the SUN
SUN is revolving around the MILKYWAY/GLAXY

as SUN is one of star of our MILKYWAY/GLAXY, hence like SUN all stars exist in MILKYWAY/GLAXY are revolving around MILKYWAY/GLAXY.

for further information SUN REVOLVING speed is 828,000 KM per hours, with speed also it takes 230 million years to complete a revloving around the MILKYWAY/GLAXY.

IT has been proved that GLAXY/MILKYWAY ITSELF IS MOVING IN UNIVERSES which causing expansion of universe.

1400 years ago QUR'AN SAID all are moving which is TRUE

Fatima Rizvi

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The earth moves around the sun, not the sun moves around the earth, the sun is stationary.

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