what are some things I could to to heal my infected lip piercing?

I got my lep peirced and it feels numb and my friend says it might be infected I don’t know how it got infected … was it because of the clorine in the pool ? what are some things I could do to heal it without taking the lip ring out?

Answer #1

yes, it could be from the chlorine your not really supposed to take a new wound into a chlorine pool thats infested with germs, dead skin cells, ect from all the other people whove been in there after its healed its fine, but not while its healing clean the area reggualry (but dont over clean) I cup of warm water and 1 tablespoon of sea salt (dab around with a cotton bud) will clean it being numb is not normal, so you will need to see a doctor or go back to the piercer to see how its healing also if you notice any differnt colour or smell, go back

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