Can my lip piercing heal faster then others?

Okay, I got my lower bottom area of my lip piercing. A Labret (I think.) Anyways. I’ve been cleaning it well and everything. I got it pierced on Tuesday. It hasn’t shown any signs of swelling or redness or hurting. I’m really confused… Seriously.. D: Any ideas?

Answer #1

well I think its healed if there isnt any signs of swelling or redness or pain its a high chance that it already healed. when I pierced my lip it took 2 weeks to heal lol yeah but it all depends on the person some heal faster than others and some dont but the sucky part is that I had to take out my piercing when I started my job because it was “innapropriate” lol so it closed =[ bummer huh

Answer #2

no it has not healed in a bit over a week its still healing it looks fine beause youve been taking care of it but a wound hasnt healed in such a short amount of time wait at least 3 months bfeore you attempt to change it or take it out or youll risk infection and the hole closing up

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