Has anyone really got a yeast infection in there mouth from a new in mouth piercing?

The first time i got my lip done,i was told not to have dairy for 2 weeks cause i can get a yeast infection if i did. I ate dairy anyway… And when i got my tongue done,they said the same thing. How the hell can you get a yeast infection in your mouth? —I have never got one still having dairy from a new unhealed in mouth piercing. Idk if the piercer i have gone to is stupid or something,but i find it hard to think you can get a yeast infection in your mouth. is that really possible? if it is,explain to me how.

Answer #1

A yeast infection in your mouth is also called thrush…and yes its a very real threat after getting a piercing if you eat dairy weve seen tons of people come back into our shop with one. Its caused by the milk sitting inside of the piercing for a long period of time….causingthe yeast infection…..its the same thing young babies get if milk stays in their mouths too long and sits there. The treat can be lessoned by washing your mouth out throughlly after each time you eat or drink dairy.

Answer #2

i did when i first got that. –Ick,i’m glad i never got one haha. I told my bro about the yeast infection thing and he said it wasn’t possible so that’s why i asked on here.

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