Do you like dogs or cats better?

if you like neither witch animal do you like?

Answer #1

Kittens :]

Answer #2

Cats. But my favorite animals are Penguins, Crows/Ravens and Cows. My Black and White Friends..;3

Answer #3

I’m a cat person - I have 11 of them, but I also have 2 dogs. I love all animals.

Answer #4

p p p p p p PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAGH!!! JK i like Manatie Bisons (AKA Flying Bison) If u dont know wat they are look up, Appa or Flying Bisons

Answer #5

i really love all animals,all have their own personality.i personally do love puppies as pets.Also,animals i like are kittens,penguins and ofcourse,white tiger…rawrrr :)

Answer #6

I grew up around dogs, but right now I have 2 soft, fast, but yet adorable cats.

Answer #7

wow im a cat person too ,,,but you have too many ,,how do you do it,,,

Answer #8

psha dogs of course… cats are alright too esp maine coons.

Answer #9

I’m a dog person, i got a giant 100 pound bear in my backyard who is a dog :)

Answer #10

Kitty Cats! So cute they gotta have two names!

Answer #11

I like Flying Bisons

Answer #12

I love dogs.

Answer #13

i love maine coons they r sooo big and fluffy lol

Answer #14

same here i love dogs i want a german shepherd …. right now i have i little austrlian shepherd mix hes my baby lol i love all dogs

Answer #15

dogs because u can play and hang out with a dog more you can do more stuff

Answer #16

dogs because u can play and hang out with a dog more you can do more stuff

Answer #17

DOGS!!!! Cats will sit there and let your azz drown…..but dogs will save ya! At lest thats what my uncle says….yupz

Answer #18

and hells yes crack the whip smart as all get out.

Answer #19

I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s cute and furry, I’ll have a soft spot for it.. but I am pretty fond of dogs. . . cats are cute too, though.

Answer #20

lol rawr my schools mascot is a tiger but its like red and black … not aornge and black its … wierd lol rawrrr

Answer #21

I like both really, I mean dogs are playful, but sometimes too restless. Cats are quiet which I like from time to time.

Answer #22

Dogs! :} My mother has a saint bernard!

Answer #23

i guess it’s equal 4 me..they’re both messy,but fun to play with,cats are quieter than dogs,but then dogs bark whenever someone pulls up your house usually so it’s like you have your own alarm system…..hmmm….yea it’s equal

Answer #24

Dogs!!! i have five :) but i also have cats theyre both cute but if you want a pet to interact and play with you then dogs are better :)

Answer #25

i like cats but i think dogs are better

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