How do girls stay so thin and fit?

How do girls stay so thin and fit.

Answer #1

They are probably born that way…they eat healthy…and they excersise [well some do] but yeahh they just stay healthy…or maybe its just anerexia which I definitely do NOT prefer at all:(

Answer #2

‘How do girls stay so thin and fit.’

They starve themselves to become ugly twigs.

Very few girls actually TRY to become thin in a healthy way they’d rather throw their life away to become thin, or popular, but its stupid and foolish.

You want to be thin and fit? -Eat healthy and smart.. no junk food. -Exercise daily, try walking or taking a bike instead of driving.

Just DONT get it in your head that becoming anorexic or going on some diet will make you thin, because it only hurts you.

Answer #3

running is the best way to stay thin and the more you run the more you can eat and its healthy to eat so if your working out you will have to eat more just to maintain a neutral so dont undereat and stay smart bout what you eat

Answer #4

umm no some girls are anerexic you see plenty more healthy skinny people than unhelathy bulmiac skinny people. just work out lots and balance your caloric intake and expenditure! :] but dont give in to the pressure you may feel bout staying thin enough to fit into your favorite jeans! lol just keep being healthy on the brain instead of being skinny! :]

Answer #5

Most of these girls stay thin by being bilemic or anorexic not many consider the healthy way. They stay fit by either playing a sport, Running, or chasing after their pimp(not to be rude) but it is true so don’t try anything Tyra Banks Wouldn’t do. Besides if this is about guys liking the way you look Some guys like a little meat on their girls. and others like “More cushion for the Pushin’”

Answer #6

We just dont scarf us w/ a lot of food and we dont just sit around eating chips all day!! Well, some do!!!

Answer #7

well, the answer is very simple and easy: they dont eat fatty foods, such as cupcakes and not-natural chips! and does a diet really help you??the answer is… NO!! scientificlly, it says it doesnt because it makes you starve in an unusual way!SO… it is said it makes you fat and doesnt help you! you can eat as mush as you want in a day! but you have to eat a little then after 2 hours eat more and keep doing that!!! and while the 2 hrs are happening , eat fruits. does it help??? ofcourse trust me!! I lost 17.2 lbs!!! believe that!! and also have a daily or once-a-week excercise for about 1hr. hope you love my ideas and advice!sponsered by DemiSelena.

Answer #8

I agree with demiselena, diets only make you gain weight in the end. Also, small meals throughout the day really does help. I eat until that hungry feeling goes away, I don’t eat until I get that “I ate so much I feel like I’m going to puke” feeling.

I’m 5’3 and weigh 110 lbs and a couple of years ago I weighed 140 lbs because I thought I could eat anything I wanted (I’m not saying that’s fat at all, that was just big for my petite frame). My biggest secret? I do not drink soda and I gave up fast food. To stay thin you don’t have to give up all the foods you like. Like I love icecream and my boyfriend buys it all the time! Instead of having a bowl I’ll just get a spoonful and take my time with it. Same with chips, maybe just munch on a few a day and don’t keep the bag out, opened and available. I did this but also ate lots of fruit in a day and now I can’t stand the taste of Doritos (my most favorite junk food). One more thing, eat fruits and veggies that have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, if you’re eating salads with very little nutritional value your still going to feel hungry afterwords since your body didn’t absorb anything from it.

Answer #9

By HEALTHY eating and regular exercise but not by starving themselves.

Please avoid the ways of losing weight that can be harmful to your body and in some cases, can actually kill!

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