How do thin people stay thin?

If you are thin, how do you stay that way? Calorie restriction? Exercise?

Answer #1

I think it has to do with your metabolism and exercise but im not 100% sure becuase I have two kids and im still the saem size as I was before I got pregnant some maybe just luck enough to stay thin I don’t know hope you find the answer you are looking for

Answer #2

I eat whatever I want and I still stay the same size, I guess it has to do with people eating habits and their matabolism. If you want to be thin and it’s hard for you, you probably have a slower matabolism. So eat healthy and maybe get in atleast a half hour of working out or other physical activity.

Answer #3

some people stay thin because its just in there genes.. my mum is a big lady so I am kinda chubby, it all depends. sometimes people with skinny genes still do put on weight, they would just have to eat healthily I guess, and excersise, but you wouldnt have to excersise as much as if you wanted to loose weight.. say like get involved in tennis or something once a week to keep in shape.

Answer #4


I can’t believe you said that. She wasn’t sure so thats why she asked, and that is why we are here.

SadStephanie: It has to do with your metabolism. Some people can eat what they want, while others have to really work at it. If you are one of the ones that has to work at it, you’ll need to watch what you eat…eat healthy…and exercise on a regular basis. If you do that, you should stay about where you want to be.

Good luck

Answer #5

Yeah… you answered it IN your question.. If you knew then why did you post this?

Answer #6

well I’m thin I just don’t eat that much and I exersize like everyday.

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