How do girls stay so fit?

ok how do all of those girls on youtube stay so skinny and perfectly built? what do they eat and what exercises do they do…the girls under ‘emo/scene girls’ any of those videos. anyone at all know? I would love to look like that. and how do they do that thing with their hair where they have their bands side swept. how do you do that? ok sorry im rambling. thanks for the help!

Answer #1

im not fat, and im not being something im not, its just a question.

Answer #2

if your fat, your fat

Answer #3

airbrushing and hairspray

Answer #4

stop trying to be something you’re not.

Answer #5

Just search under MyPyramid for a diet just right for you. They actually take the information you give them (age, gender, weight, etc) and within seconds form a printable diet that is completely safe and healthy for you. Exercise of course is nesseccary no matter what diet you’re on. Stretching, aerobics, and weight bearing exercises are the three basics. Try a sport or yoga. Good luck!

Answer #6

what are you talking about?! This person is not being something the’re not! You’re just a rude person who is probably fat and has no life and no heart. As for you sweety. Just eat right and excersise. Eat only 1,600 calories a day. You’ll be fine

Answer #7

they bearly eat anything. and they exercise a lot like running or jogging. don’t do exercises that make you gain too much muscle. you don’t want to notice that you have muscles. and yeah it is tough not eating but they are too depressed that they forget about eating.

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