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wuts sooo wrong with weed? I just dont understand it

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What does it matter? Its illegality isn't stopping anyone from smoking it, so it shouldn't be a big deal that it hasn't been legalized.

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"wuts sooo wrong with weed? I just dont understand it" keep on smoking it baby, you are on your way! lol!

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I am also going to disagree with twilightmom. Sorry, but marijuana IS actually the safest drug out there. I used to smoke and I would stop for about a month or too because I CHOSE to. I would have not been able to do that had I been addicted. (quiting for a break and starting back does not make you a junkie). Back in 2007 I quit for good and have had no desire to start back. The smell actually annoys from time to time. I quit for good because I'm studying a course in the health care field which requires a drug test. I didn't need anything to help me quit. I just said "no thank you" every time the blu*t was passed to me. And it's an herb. It is also being legalized for certain amounts in certain areas. So if you get caught with more than what can be smoked in about a days time, expect to serve time. And it only affects those brain cells you do not use. So if you don't use the ones you should be using and you a pot head then you one dumb m.f-er(in the terms that it is said weed makes you dumb)

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***Aside from it being illegal, it kills brain cells, is harmful to the lungs, and is a leader drug which means it is a precurson to use of even more harmful drugs. And, although contrary to popular belief it is addictive.

**Marijuana is harmful to the lungs.
Actually, marijuana, smoked without smoking cigarettes, does not increase lung disease, including COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Marijuana when smoked along with cigarettes does increase the risk of COPD according to a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

**Marijuana kills brain cells.
This myth came from a handful of animal experiments in which structural changes (not actual cell death) were observed in brain cells of animals exposed to high doses of pot.
This incorrect study has been discredited by Dr. William Slikker of the National Center for Toxicological Research and by Charles Rebert and Gordon Pryor of SRI International.

**Marijuana is addictive.
Daily marijuana use can produce an emotional addiction.
But there is no physical addiction associated with marijuana. You will not suffer withdrawels when stopping marijuana use.

**Marijuana is a leader (gateway) drug.
Studies show that countries that have legal marijuana use do not have a high percentage of hard drug users.

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weed stunts the grow of your brain when you use it when your young. but really if you're smart and do well toke up once and a while, if you're dumb pick up a book b/c you're only going to become dumber smoking weed

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Well, as for all of the people preaching about lung cancer, cigarettes are just as bad. I'd rather be in a euphoric state for the duration of me smoking than just feel hyper for five minutes. As for brain cells, that sucks. Most people who smoke weed enough to kill a good portion of brain cells are losers anyway, unless you're the Kottonmouth Kings. I honestly don't see the harm in toking up every so often. If Alcohol is legal, pot should be too!

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but you have a choice to proceed just cause its called a gateway drug doesnt mean people actually continue it depends on the person and there environment they live in and its only addictive because its enjoyable you can stop whenever you want so technically its not really "addictive" because its very easy to stop

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Aside from it being illegal, it kills brain cells, is harmful to the lungs, and is a "leader" drug which means it is a precursor to use of even more harmful drugs. And, although contrary to popular belief it is addictive.

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EXACTLEY! im a smoker and I enjoy it too and its the users choice so why dont the just get off our backs bout it

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Well the main thing is it does kill brain cells if you become a pot head, but other than that I believe its safer that drinking or smoking ciggs

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I really dont know...some stereo type grown ups put on drugs...but I did hear it could fry your brain...Other than that its good, I love it..Enjoy
love, Vannesa

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There's absolutely no proof that weed is addictive, it's never killed anybody.

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ya I know write its just like smokin a fookin cigaret

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Except for when people drive high and get in car crashes...

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utopia said it, all he wrote is true...and I dont understand how can you not get whats so wrong with it...

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***And it's an herb.***

Yes, it GROWS on a plant, not in the form of a cigarette.

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I dont think anything
smoke it up :]]]

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Nothing is wrong with pot. Cigarettes is what should be illegal.

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