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we are all gonna die conspiracys ... yawn!

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2012 conspiracy- OMG, a old calendar said something spectacular would happen on that day, so the only RATIONAL explanation would be... THE END OF THE WORLD!... DUN DUN DUN!

Chemtrails & Contrails- yes, the government IS using planes to spray sickening gases over the sky. I mean it's right above our heads, we would never think to look there! they are all trying to kill us! run and hide form the sky!

Chip Implants & The Mark Of The Beast- "oooh suuure,yep, you caught us alright! we are going to put chips in you to see where you are! and if you dont comply we will all put you in CONCENTRATION CAMPS!" and they are supposebly building a huuuge station (it might even be underground! ooh, what will they think of next!) to put all of these people that dont comply and kill them there pretty much, it's Hitler the 2nd in a chip. this is known as the mark of the beast! the good people will be one color, and the 'other' people will be categorized as another. hmm, I wonder what color I will be? orange, blue, yellow, oooh what about PINK. YES OH YES! PINK IS THE NEW PINK YALL! SIGN ME UP!!!

!everyone stick your head between your legs and kiss your bum goodbye!

haha chillax people! see how silly all of these conspiracys sound!!! tell me what you think about all of this, and sorry if I offended anyone by this, no harm meant =)