What are some different ways to make Pork Chops?

Answer #1

Fried, baked, grilled, and shake and bake :-)

Answer #2

I like to season it in a sweet marinade and just pan fry them.

Answer #3

Brine them for about 4 hours, then grill them.

Answer #4


Answer #5

What is Brine? I have never heard of that?

Answer #6

well there is an aamazing waays to cook chops i prefer to broil them with seasoning…but whan i want gto do somthing diffrent i like the old fashion betty crocker cook book which can be googled!

Answer #7

Yeah I never thought about looking at the betty crocker cook book.. I love betty crocker. But thanks!

Answer #8

Well see it is to cold to stand outside and grill them and I did shake and bake last night. And I dont really know how to make fried pork. ha So I guess that leaves baked. But thank you!

Answer #9

That sounds really good! I had pork last night actually and I have just been getting tired of making it the same old way But thanks!

Answer #10

Ur welcome

Answer #11

UR welcome..yes bestv basic recipes..peoplr love my scrambled eggs and omlrts amongst other thing but they rave,,,,and i got thr recipes from betty:)

Answer #12

My favorite way is to take the pork chop and roll it with stuffing inside. (You can use stove top or whatever stuffing you prefer) and than simply bake in the oven.

Answer #13

Like so: 250 gr Coarse Salt, 250 gr Brown Sugar, 4 Garlic Cloves; peeled, 4 x 2” Lemon Zest, 4 sprigs Fresh Rosemary, 2 Bay Leaves, pinch Chili Flakes, 2000 ml Boiling Water, 60 ml Vegetable Oil, To Taste-Black Pepper…method: 1. Combine all ingredients for the brine in a container large enough to hold the liquid and pork chops.

  1. Pour the boiling water over the brine ingredients and stir to dissolve the salt and sugar.
  2. Let the brining liquid completely cool.
  3. When the brine is completely cool, immerse the pork chops in it, cover and refrigerate overnight.
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