tried something in a different way

anybody ever fixed meatloaf in a electric skillet instead of baking in the oven?

Answer #1

I’ve cooked mini meatloaf’s on top of the stove and on a grill but I would think that it would work the same in an electric skillet as it does in a frying pan. When I made them in a frying pan I made them small and then browned them like hamburgers and then added spaghetti sauce to cook them the rest of the way. After they were done I put mozzarella cheese on top and served them with spaghetti. Kind of like spaghetti and meatloaf parmigiana. I used my meatloaf recipe for them. When I did it on the grill I flattened it out some and grilled it on top of aluminum foil. It turned out really good…both ways were really good :)

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