What makes chunk light tuna different?

wats the different between chunk light tuna and all the other tuna

Answer #1

Sorry, guys. Chunk light tuna can be packed in water OR oil. Light usually refers to yellowfin tuna. The other main type of tuna is called white OR albacore tuna.

Albacore tuna tend to swim alone or in small groups and are commonly caught on a line, while yellowfin tuna swim in larger groups and so are caught with big nets (which used to cause dolphin kills because dolphins caught in the nets would drown.)

All tuna can be canned whole, chunk, or flake. And packed in oil OR water.

Answer #2

^yep enuff said!

Answer #3

it is light, and is kept and packed in WATER instead of artificial oils.

Answer #4

yea way less fat because its not in vegatable oil

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