What would be good to add to tatertot casseroll to give it more flavor or make it slightly different?

Im craving it for dinner tonight but chris thinks its too bland and boring. Anyone got any good ideas on what i can do to make it more flavorfull for him or different?

Answer #1

You can use differant cheeses. Provolone, pepper jack, chedder, ect. And also add some cooked bacon and jalapenos. If your not into spicy you can do bacon and ranch seasoning.

Answer #2

What about ketchup? Mm.. I’ve never had tatertot casserole but I’m obsessed with potatoes. :)

Answer #3

i hate casseroll. Oddly, tatertot casseroll sounds good :O but you eat the casseroll, and tell him to go get some wendys XD

Answer #4

mmmmmmm!!! Ok now I want some too!!!! Anyway if this Chriss person does’nt want in he can go to the mcdonalds or eat some leftovers or something!!!

Answer #5

You hate all cassiroles?!?!?!

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