9th grade exams

Ok, I know school hasn’t started yet but I like to be prepared even though the exam are close to the end of the school year I just wan to know any way!! Like is it hard?? Is like the pass/pact test they give you in middle school only a higher level for high school? How much do you have to study?? Please giv a few pointer to look foward 2!!!

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they are actually pretty easy. cause the teachers go over everything before you actaully dot the exam. so you shouldnt have any problem.

Answer #3

You have absolutly nothing to worry about that exam is exremely easy, but just remember that you need to pay attention at school, thats the only advice I can give, and if you still feel like your not ready, then study study study…you can never go wrong with studying…but yeah dont stress about it, because when the time comes, I wouldnt want you to be dissapointed at how much you worked it up to be. You will pass(=

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