9th and 10th grade

what exactly do you do in the 10th grade for all classes like in ninth grade for math you do algebra 1 what are the rest of the classes for the 9th and 10th grade I want to know because im in the 8th grade and im about to go to advanced classes im going to learn the 9th and 10 grade work in one class and I want to be caught up right now im just learning algebra one

Answer #1

it depends on what school you go too. every school curiculum is different. at my school in 9th grade I took algebra but that was the advanced class, in 10th grade I took geometry.then of course in 9th and 10th grade you have to take english. at my school 9th grade english was mostly reading books and doing spelling and gramnar tests. in 10th grade we read about 4 or 5 books and we had lots of vocabulary tests that were similar to the ones in grade 9. we also had way more essays in 10th grade but if you do the work they should be simple. at my school we had choices for our science. in 9th grade you could have taken earth science, biology, or a plant and animal life class. I do not recomend the plant and animal life class because you do not get a regents credit so its a waste of a year if you ask me. biology is really easy. I loved it. between earth science and biology usually whichever you dont take in grade 9 you will take in grade 10. a forign language in highschool is completly optional. however the grade 10 language course requires a regents and grade 9 does not. in grade 9 you usually take global studies and in grade 10 global history and geography. the only difference really is grade 10 is the prep all year for the regents at the end. usually in highschool you take a sex education class as well. it is usually in grade 9 or 10…so you’ll most likely be taking that. hope I helped.

Answer #2

It kinda depends on what school you go to. Different schools have different courses. If yur in Algebra 1-2 this year, 9th grade you’ll probably be taking formal geometry or geometry. It depends on what classes yur taking this year.

Answer #3

well, I took algebra in 8th grade, so when I waws a freshman I took Geometry, Physical Science (Intro to Physics and Chemistry), Phy Ed, Intro to Social Sciences, Honors English (9th and 10th grade english in one year), Spanish II, and then band etc.

So as a sophmore I took Biology, Advanced Algebra, AP European History (the easier option being World History), Recreation Individual and Dual Sports, Spanish III, Honors American Literature & Composition (Easier version being Survey of American Literature), and a few electives.

But like babyangel said, it depends on the school. My cousin took biology as a freshman and never had the intro to social science class. Talk to a counselor at your school- they should know.

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