If Im In The 9th Grade...

Ok so I live in Pakistan and we dont have the Junior or High School System here.If Im in the 9th grade,then am I in Junior High or am I in some other school??

Answer #1

Well, each school district is different and in the U.S. we have elementary through 6th grades in some school districts, then middle school would be most of the time 6th grades through 8th grade then high school is 9th grade through 12th grade. I’m not sure of the system in where you live but, if you’re in 9th grade, then you’d be in High school.

Answer #2

High school in the US is grades 9-12. Middle school is 6-8 and Elementary is 1-5. There are variations with different school districts, but this is most common.

Answer #3

mine is elementary 1-6, middle 7 & 8 and high school 9-12

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