Why does rylee sound like a girls name or a boys name? hmm...?

I have this friend that name is rylee… Whenever I mention her name.. People ask if shes a girl or boy… Why is this?? haha. :).. But she doesnt smell like soup… More like leather because she is fake… Wow. Im a good friend. Hahaahahaha

Answer #1

Seeing it spelled “Rylee” appears as it would be a girls name, but I have a guy friend named “Riley”. I suppose it depends on the spelling?

Answer #2

Spelled that way, I think “girl” right away. If you liked it for a boy, I’d suggest spelling it Riley, which seems more like a guy’s name, to me anyway.

Answer #3

My short Google research indicates that the name is spelled multiple ways, and that each way is used for either sex. When I hear the name, it does make me automatically think that it’s a male name. In my area this name isn’t common and I’ve only heard it being used on boys, though, so that just may be why.

Answer #4

to me it sounds like a girls name

Answer #5

haha leather…I dont know rylee sounds like a girls name to me

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