What food commercial sucks you in every time and makes absolutely need to get it as soon as you can?

Taco bell is killing me- ive got to stop watching commercials…its all ive wanted to eat since i got pregnant.

Answer #1

My fiance just looked over my shoulder and said “Taco Bell”. lol

Answer #2

Taco Bell -.-

Answer #3

Those Willy Wonka chocolate candy ones where the Umpa Lumpa is singing ans mixing up the the chocolate in the chocolate river.

Answer #4

or either Burger King commercials.

Answer #5

McDonalds and Taco Bell commercials. haha. =]

Answer #6

For me, it’s always those pizza commercials, they always put the ad on when I get hungry. It’s torturing.

Answer #7

I saw a popeyes commericial a week ago :l and I still really want those popeye biscuits…

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