Are there any unforgiveable sins?

can you name some unforgivible sins? (im catholic) I’ve just been curious and I know god forgives all who begs for forgivness but is there any at all that are unforgivible? witchcraft, lust, greed, etc…

Answer #1

Those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit are those who consciously and perhaps repeatedly reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior by faith, and that they will not even be concerned about it.

If you are fearful of God’s judgment for your sins, and you genuinely desire to have Jesus Christ by faith, then you can be assured that God is doing that in your life in order to bring you to faith in Christ. Therefore, you have not blasphemed the Spirit. Jesus said in John 6 that no one can come to Him unless God the Father draws them to Him. If you truly want Jesus as your Lord and Savior by faith, then you can be assured that God has not given up on you. Jesus said, “All that the Father gives to Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not drive away” (Jn. 6).

Answer #2

I would say murder, rape, anything icky with little children, and almost anything that you can do in Vegas. Other than that, everything’s forgiveable.

Answer #3

there is only one unforgivable sin and that is denying the HOLYSPIRIT. Everything else you can be forgiven for . You Reject the holyspirit and that is unforgivable .

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Answer #5

As amblessed said “Those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit ,, Ect.” And also Suicide is also unforgivable.

Answer #6

According to the bible, the only sin that is unforgiveable is blasphemy against the holy spirit.

P.S. I deny the holy spirit.

Answer #7

the only unforgivable sin is suicide, my family is catholic also, but otherwords, everything is forgivable, even murder

Answer #8

well I dont follow that or any other religion according to the “bible’ everything is a sin but then again, everything can be forgiven if you grovel enough apparently you could be a murderer, rap someone…burn a house…anything and all you have to do is repent, and want to be saved and all of a sudden its okay this is something that religion does, which I think is disgusting apart from suicide I guess because youd already be dead, and you cant repent if your not alive…

Answer #9

Like Kaylee, I also believe that all sin is forgivable. What the Bible describes as taking a person beyond salvation is probably best understood as a refusal to believe that the things of God are true or good. So that means that even this is forgivable, but the person who thinks like this keeps forgiveness at arm’s length and therefore never accepts it. So blasphemy, where you say something bad about God or God’s actions, is forgivable as long as you repent. Suicide is unforgivable to Catholics but other Christians don’t see it like that.

Answer #10

I like Floss’s ans. on this, amoung others, however, if one never repents, or asks God, for his forgiveness… then.. those sins that are in that persons life… are truly unforgiveable, simply because that person refuses to humble themselves to ask.

Also, I would like to know where the teaching came from about suicide being unforgiveable. I have wondered before, and have a good guess, but, think I will make a post asking Catholics where this originated, and from what scriptures.

Answer #11

There is only one thing that God does not forgive and that is blasthfamy

Answer #12

Everything is forgiviable anything even suicide

Answer #13

No sin is unforgiveabsle in the preasents of God

Answer #14

thats not true evry sin is forgivable

Answer #15

Deneying Christ is an unforgivable sin

Answer #16

Guess I’m doomed, then. Oh well.

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