is it just me or is america full of sh!t and lies?

is it just me or is america full of sh!t and lies?

Answer #1

That can be said about pretty much everywhere. Having said that apprently more people voted for American Idol then did in for the President. I think that says everything about the kinda mess Americas in, or maybe it’s cause you were all smart enough to realise it’d be rigged anyways.

Answer #2

not like that yesterday I was walking down the street and a cop pulled in front of me and told me if I did’nt take my shirt off he was going to arrest me! (my shirt had a big anarchy a on it)

Answer #3

Well, I’m not saying that I agree with the war but I do have to say that I would rather live in a country that stands up for itself!!! Being a mother, I don’t want my children to grow up in a world where some stupid suicidal nutcase will decide to put a bomb on the bus their on just because they were born in America. We need to do what we have to to protect our own and if that means war then we have to go to war!!! I realize that their are other options but I haven’t heard of one yet that I actually think will work, have you? Talking to them sure won’t work, so what will besides war?

And as for thinking that other countries will let you be more “free”. Think again, sure you would be able to drink earlier, or drive earlier, or live on your own earlier but you would also have to support yourself earlier, get a job earlier, become an adult earlier. Are these things that you really want or do you just think that your parents treat you too much like a baby? Enjoy being a teenager because when you get older you won’t have time to “play”.

Answer #4

can I just say that if ‘america’ hadn’t intervened in the second world war xsirpsychox, we would all be walking around goose-step now!

Answer #5

I think that teenagers tend to see the worst in any country they live in. But there is good too, although it may take longer to discover it. The question is, what are you going to do about the things you don’t like? Can you make it better?

Answer #6

im not going to do anything because no matter what you’ll lose in this country so im just going to move when I can out of here where free is actually free

Answer #7

It’s just hormone crap and all that, 18 will come along soon enough. Don’t think you’ll have freedom in other places, you can try to hope they don’t have anything like the movie “Hostel”…I don’t think they do but it’s possible. Taxes and prices are higher than they are in this country, and not many people who leave the country have money afterward, and sometimes can never get back in.

America is the land of opportunity, and it has more jobs than anywhere else.

I’m about to turn 18 soon, so it doesn’t matter to me, I just want a job, and do you have one? It could help decide what you want to do with your life so you won’t feel this way.

Answer #8

Greatest country in the world - There is none so blind as he who will not see (refuses) - the door outbound is wide open, have a nice trip !!

Answer #9

more teenagers need to take advantage of being under 18 just because there under there parents wing and when they need food or something there parents can get it for them…teens are just wanting to grow up to fast but when they do Life comes into play then there crawling back home to live with there parents.

Answer #10

I love this contry and its not full of sht and lies. and its not just Bush, its all politicians who are fcking up this country. they act in their own interest. and guess what, we put them in power. the media is controlled, thats why we’re screwed. we ellect people into office from the choices THEY give us. how is anything going to change when we can’t even choose our own candadites. we do have an occassional independant win something, but for the most part they don’t stand a chance because the media won’t give them publicity. you know how many peopel I’ve talked to would vote for a strong independant in this upcoming election, I deffinately would. instead its hey, choose this ashole or choose this ashole

Answer #11

I think that the USA does more things right than any other country. We aren’t perfect though. There are things that other countries do better than we do where we could learn. As a nation we are naive, arrogant, and complacent.

Every great nation has closets full of skeletons. America is no different. If you only focus on the bad we seem like monsters. A balanced look allows you to see our successes as well as our failings.

Answer #12

I think you’ll be hard-pushed to find anywhere more free than the USA. I love living in France but we have higher taxes and more state control than you do, to be honest.

Answer #13

That isn’t America. That is George Bush.

Answer #14

yes, I don’t dispute that they butt in, but then so does UK. I think, if you’re refering to iraq, that it’s hard to not interfere when there are people who are so irrational, such as 9/11, and cannot be negotiated with…

I don’t think it should come down to poiliticas, and people should just leave the world alone, so many problems to do with religion.

I don’t like religion for that reason, I said to my husband that the world is divided by religion, so it should be divided up…literally!

religion may give comfort and hope to many, but it’s the way in which it is practised that needs to be re-addressed…

Answer #15

In some areas yes I believe so. But not all of America is bad.

Answer #16

actually its not wide open unless you’re 18

Answer #17

right but america is letting him do it so there just as much to blame

Answer #18

don’t say that! I’m planning on moving there when I have finished uni!

Answer #19

Lose this country to what?

Answer #20

is it just me or is america full of sh!t and lies?

…yeah…it’s just you…

Answer #21

Lose this country to what?

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