What do you think of these solutions to three of America's problems

What do you think of these solutions to three of America’s problems ?

  1. immigration - dig a moat the entire length of the border THEN
  2. new orleans - using that dirt, raise new orleans above sea level THEN
  3. Florida - gather up the excess Gators, put them in the moat (along the border) !

Now we’ve solved the immigration problem with a moat full of Gators (Guards that we don’t have to pay !)…New Orleans won’t flood !…and Florida has their Gator problem taken care of !! WOW !!…no applause, send money LOL !!

Answer #1

digging the moat will take a lot more labor then building a wall or anything else, whose going to provide that labor? Mexicans. Then theres the problem of getting the dirt to New Orleans… and when they did it wouldnt cover much. Then theyd have to hire more mexicans to pull every gator out of florida and that would take ages, ship them all to California, where theyd die a month later because they cant live in that habitat =)

Answer #2

Come on now, is that really a realistic way of solving problems. If it was really that simple, America would be the perfect country…

Answer #3

You’re probably right……….makes too much common sense

I am PROUD to live in the Greatest Nation on God’s green earth, AMERICA !!

Answer #4

jello isn’t very bright.

With so many unemployed Americans, why would we need Mexicans to do the work?

Americans need work, too.

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