What exactly is America?

Is America only the United States, or Canada, US, and Mexico, or Everything in North America and South America? For example, When someone says “I am from America.”….Where all could they be from?…

Sorry, I know this is a confusing question. lol

Answer #1

Well, yes….Canada is considered “North America” if you want to be technical, but we don’t refer to ourselves as “Americans”….whereas, people from the USA do consider themselves American.

Answer #2

Because it is both a continent and a country, people from the rest of the continent do not refer to themselves as american…

Answer #3

it as basically just ALL of the 50 states of the United States, that is also known as America.. I am not trying to be a smart ass, I swear..

Answer #4

I think that when someone says that they are American they are referring to the United States of America i.e. the country, not the continent. It’s like we have here in Africa. We live in the continent Africa, but I am from the country South Africa which is at the South of Africa. But I can also confuse you by saying I come from the Southern Region of Africa, which includes the four countries above SA as well.

hehe. I love this.

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