Dose america have 50 states or 51?

Ok I know this sounds stuped but dose america have 50 states or 51?

Answer #1

Obama says we have 53, so that must be the truth.

Answer #2

Yes, it does.

Answer #3

I thought the U.S. had only 48 states. Mr. Sinatra mentions that the U.S. has only 48 states in his song Let’s Get Away From It All.

Answer #4

50- are you like not from here? if you where like from erope or somewhere else I would understand but if you have like lived here all your life then that is silly!:)

Answer #5

Fifty…if you were from the US, it’d be silly not to know it…but, I don’t know how many countries are in the European Union, so it’s perfectly fair.

Answer #6

The U.S. had 48 states until 1959. Then Alaska and Hawaii became states making the total 50.

Answer #7

Fifty- Hawaii was the 50th.

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