Is it true that sleeping over 10 hours per day can possibly cause depression?

Idk if its ture or not but thts wht my friend told me and well im pretty much a house wife and i sleep up to 13 hours stright.

I dont think i am depressed but very relaxed and easygoing and i find i dont stress out over things much if not at all.

what do u all think about this ?

Answer #1

It won’t cause depression but it can worsen it. Too little or too much sleep puts your body out of a routine and too much sleep makes you feel tired as well and drained. It can definitely worsen depression, but it doesn’t apply to everyone as people have different sleep needs.

Answer #2

We often confuse cause and effect. Do runny noses cause colds or do colds cause runny noses? Oversleeping is a little less obvious. Several studies have shown a relation between oversleeping and diabetes, depression, heart disease, and early death but what is the cause and what is the effect? I do think you should have a thorough physical to see if there is a cause of your long sleeping. You should rule out sleep apnea or other problems. If it turns out that everything else checks out fine and you just sleep a lot I wouldn’t worry about it.

Answer #3

thnks i will go get a physical ASAP. ur a a very knowllageble person :)

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