How is it possible to sleep 18 hours and then go back to bed?

So yesterday I slept 18 hours (no joke) and woke up.. but I went to bed 2 hours later and just woke up a hour ago! how is that possible? I wasn’t hung over or anything.. I got enough sleep too! I did however get asked out by a guy I liked for a year.. can it be from shock?!

Answer #1

Don’t sleep for extended periods of time, reason being I slept for about 10 hours one day and felt extremely tired, with that being said sleeping for extended periods of time can cause unwanted tiredness.

Well if your body slept that long it was lacking sleep for a while now, a really long while. Try sleeping at least 8 hours a day to keep the chances of that happening to a minimum. . In a sense what happened with that guy probably had nothing to do with you oversleeping. Try to sleep for 8 hours a day nothing more nothing less, this is the adequate amount of sleep the body needs to feel well rested.

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