is it true that 10 days without sleep can kill you?!

i seen on this website that you’ll die from Sleep Deprivation quicker than food deprivation as you can survive weeks without food but only 10 days without sleep. is this really true?

Answer #1

Nope this is false. Being from a Military Background I can assure you sleep deprivation for 10 days doesn’t feel great but you won’t die. But most people will start to hallucinate and probably start going crazy after about 2-3 days of no sleep I am sure of this.

Answer #2

I dont think it van kill you but i think you can get pretty sick

Answer #3

I dont think anyone can do that ? Im sure some have tried thoe. But yeah, its really going to affect your health, i dont think it’ll kill yhu.

Answer #4

not exactly, but it is directly affected to you dying tho.. after 2-3 days u hallucinate.. then ur brain starts having mini shut downs afteer 5-7 days where u fall asleep without knowing it,,, like u feel awake but ur really asleep.. then it depends on sleep tolerance after that.. u keep getting the mini sleeps until one time u fall in a coma, and just dont wake up

Answer #5

No, I dont think that is true. But having dealt with people who were sleep deprived, you’re looking at psychosis that can develop pretty quickly.

Answer #6

i got all that from the new nightmare on elm street movie btw.. hahaha :) sounds realistic enough to meeee

Answer #7

it really depends on the person i would think. ive seen videos of people going without sleep for around 14 days and not dying, and ive heard about a person going for oer2 weeks without slepp, only sleeping for about 10 hours after that and felt fine.

Answer #8

whos alive to prove it? lol ui dont think the human brain can go without a few hours kip a day, can it? :S ive been to 5 days raves and even the hardcore belting coulnt stop me from cracking off a few hours.

Answer #9

i honestly dont know…ive been like 2 days without sleeping and that f*cked me up so i dont know about 10 days.

Answer #10

well go and get your head down then you silly billy… just go to bed lizzo cus your gonna do more harm than good.

Answer #11

yeah i know that was like couple months ago though but i had reasons for not sleeping….not nice :| i love my sleep :)

Answer #12

no its not true but it depends if u do it 10 days in a row other than that i think your fine

Answer #13

I’ve gone 5 days without sleep and I was literally hallucinating at that point. You go crazy pretty much. Sleep is needed for your body to reboot.

Answer #14

It would probably kill me!

Answer #15

I’m sure it is, but not for the reason you’d think. 10 days w/o sleep renders you unstable. You could nod off while driving. You could fall alseep with a lit cigarette. You could contract an illness that would kill you because your immune system would crash. Its not so much the not-sleeping that would kill you, as much as the side effect of being over-tired.

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