Who knows if its true that drinking alcohol will help when you are having trouble with your kidneys?

I heard that drinking some alcohol (not getting drunk) will help flush out your kidneys and the infection if you have one.

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actually it makes your kidneys wrk less, after i got my kidney transplant they told me i cudnt drink alcohol but if i did only one glass

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Actually, I had a friend who had a kidney problem (I can’t remember the exact issue), but he was actually prescribed one beer a day to help the problem.

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Like Colleen said, beer can actually help with your kidneys,because it flushes out your system to an extent and contains vitamin B, BUT you have to ask your doctor if it is ok. Furthermore alcohol like wine won’t work because all it does is dehydrate you. So it depends on the alcohol and also on the situation. I doubt drinking alcohol for kidneys damaged by alcohol in the first place is going to make a difference.

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I fail to see how this is funny…?

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Never drink anything hard suck as cafine alchohole or any of the sort and dont take medication unless told by a doctor as kidneys filter contaminants

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oh right hahhaahhahhaha i thought it said liver not kidney. in which case it would be lolish. my badddd. :P saarry

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