Drinking alcohol actually bad for you?

Does alcohol age you in any way,shape,or form? I know drinking a glass of red wine a day is good for you. Would you say drinking it sometimes is ok,like once a week,or is that even too much?

Answer #1

Yes alcohol ages you. Basically the aging process, like cancer, is because of “free-radicals” and alcohol contains organic compounds which when mixed with certain things that are already in your body will produce these free-radicals. Once a week though is fine! Aslong as it’s not binge drinking. It’s just excessive drinking that causes problems like liver and kidney failure. Hope this helped x

Answer #2

I know its bad for your liver because my grandpa died from drinking too much and on tyra banks show they said its bad for your skin too

Answer #3

kills your liver over time. Once a week is not that bad. If you like binge drink like almost every weekend and whatever then it will possibly have severe effects on your health (like liver damage, esphogus issues, dark circles under the eyes, etc). Let’s just say if someone is an alcoholic, you know they are. Oh yeah…never drink to get drunk! If you dont do that they you’re good to go!

Answer #4

if its once a week then your just fine hunny =]

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