Get drunk without drinking alcohol?

I wanted to get drunk without drinking alcohol or anything too unhealthy.Does anyone know how you could get drunk without drinking alcohol?? I heard on a forum website that someone was asking the same thing and said they heard on oprah that if you take apples, bread, and sugar and mix them together you can actually get intoxicated from that true?if so how much do you need of apples bread and sugar?does it need to ferment or whatever?

Answer #1

yes. make a pitcher of kool-aid. use a little more sugar than you normally would. let it sit for a month or 2 so it forments. and then its just like drinking wine or vodka depending on how long you let it sit.

Answer #2

I know two other ways to geting sorta drunk… you can get milk drunk… I think that only happens to babys though … or this isn’t really drunk but you can get sugar high … when your on a sugar high stay up alll night … best to have freinds with you … it is sooo fxxking fun…

Answer #3

You need a fermented drink to get drunk and all fermented drinks have Alcohal in them. . . . Anything else would be life threatening.

Answer #4

I wouldn’t do that unless you can control that nothing nasty would be abel to grow in it

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