Can i gain just a little weight so i'm not too skinny anymore?

okay, unlike everyone else, i think i might be too skinny. well, i still have curves and stuff lol but my friends think i'm anorexic, but i love food! i just dont really have 3 big meals, but small ones, then i snack on stuff during the day. do i just have a high motabolism if i did nothing for a week but eat and sit and sleep and gain nothing? (true story haha) I also dance a couple times a week.
When I've been to the doctor, they never said i was underweight, but im just skinny. im about 98 and im 5'2". is there a way i could bulk up just a little (in a healthy way)? ppl tell me to just eat a little extra, and i do, and i get sick from eating too much. am i alright?

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If you're doctor says you're ok, then you are. Don't force yourself to eat excessively, etc. Some people have a naturally higher metabolism than others, and they are skinnier as a result. As long as you're eating a proper, balanced diet & getting some exercise, don't worry about it.

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They make certain things like protein bars and shakes that will help you gain weight, but before you try anything consult your doctor ask him if he can recommend anything. If you don't talk to your doctor make sure you research a product before you just go straight into taking it. Make sure it has no harmful side effects. Hope this helps. =)

Don't wannab skinny!!!

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