How can i gain a little weight and some curves?

I'm 5' 6" with a really tall torso, and I only weigh 100 lbs. Draw a stick person and that's what I look like. I'm not anorexic or bulimic, although my friends always joke around saying that I am. I do eat a lot and usually in a healthy way. How can I gain a little weight and some curves?

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i have a one sentence answer.. Eat more fatty foods. (aka meat) i used to eat overly healthy and 'round 7th grade i was bone skinny and i was like 5'8 maybe? i was about 110, and i played intense soccer so anything i ate, i burned off, so i couldn't gain weight for AT ALL and to this day i'm still light, i'm not nearly as thin as i was than but i still can't gain food weigh although i had to stop playing soccer due to a knee injury and i gained about 40 pounds from food, i ate moderately healthy but of course the sweets, the meats, the fried food, that kinda stuff really puts the weight on, although given your height, most girls i know with nice, curvy bodies, are around 130 given your fat distributes in the places you want it to, if it does than you could possibly have C cups and somethin around the butt and thigh area. But yes anyway, i'm not saying stop your healthy diet, but eating healthy can help to keep you from gaining weight so throw in something non-healthy every now and then, you'll live =) and hopefully you'll gain that curvy body you want, hope i helped with my super long answer!! =P

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how old r u im only 13 and weigh 109 just eat a little more

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