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Still losing weight when I'm trying to gain it

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losing weight although I m trying to gain ,,I talked about my problem and they said I m ana
I wasent trying bad stuff ,no vomiting no bad things I just work out hard and I m so careful with what I put in my mouth now I m 80lb,
and I went to dietion and he told me to gain weight he gave me some tips I work on them and it didnt work
I m still working out hard and I m so strict ,,even when I mess up I work even harder in my room alone
I m not anaroxic I know those girls they dont eat they vomit they hurt themselves but I hate this feeling of being hunted all the time,,
my CBC is so good I swear to god
what can I do ,,to gain maybe I can stop them from talking about me and to me about my weight I m so fed up and depressed