How to go from a Tomboy To Girly Girl?

Ok Am Sick Of Bein A Tomboy Now I Been A Tomboy For 13 Years Now Am Sick Of It I want to Change To A Girly Girl

I want to Change The Way I Act The Way I Dress And Everything Am Sick Of Bein A Tomboy Ugh!

The Thing Is Am Scared To Tell My Mom Am Tired Of Bein One


Answer #1

ok if you want to be a girly girl you should.

but your just a teenager you dont need to wearing dresses like the other people said…im 17 and if you wore a dress to my school you would get your a** kicked. just wear like sweaters and makeup and like wear your hair down.

o yah and shop at hollister!!

Answer #2

tom_boy56, Don’t label yourself like that. Lables aren’t good. Just be yourself, and thats all you need to do. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #3

do what you want!!! go for it and overall you will be happyier in the start slowly maybe by some lipgloss but a little bit of eye make-up on but DONT GO OVER BOARD and put foundation on and look orange

Answer #4

So? Im a tomboy too. I hate Girly Girl styles… uuugh! I hate pink ya know? I never wear pink and sometimes I get naughty and sometimes I get unpolite and sometimes I do some I mean a few thats kinda dangerous. So what? I luv it. About the question, your mother will always support you. That’s my best answer. Do you think your mother will not allow you to be more girlish?

Answer #5

ya, she’ll understand. but I would make the ladylike changes gradually so every1 can adjust to your new image an get used to it instead of shockin every1.

Answer #6

I don’t think your Mom would mind if you wanted to be more girlish. She’d probably like to be able to play with your hair, help you wear make-up or choose nice dresses to wear. Just start by buying things you’d like to wear and try new stuff like growing your hair longer. You should always be yourself though. Just because you change styles doesn’t mean you have to change yourself. Of course, change is always good when it makes you a happier and better person. :-)

Answer #7

omg this is like so funny tbh lol , im a tomboy but im a girl aswell & its like most weekends I wear my nike trackies & that but at school I wear my hair straight & wear skirts lol how can I just start wearing girl clothes without chucking out my trackies & that without wearing my trackies too ?

Answer #8

I am a tomboy and I have said 2 my mates that I want 2 be more girly and they were shocked.But they said they would help me.I havent told my mum and im not going 2 I will just let her realise when I know im comfortable with how and who I its up 2 u. GOOD LUCK!!!

Answer #9

I am a tomboy but I need to turn girly because I keep getting picked on because I dont have any girl friends .All year I’ve been with the guys. it is really hard because I hate pink and girly stuff any way back to the question your friends and mom maybe even your aunt /big sister will support you .

         NOW come one why wouldt they?
Answer #10

I hate being a girly girl I hate pink colour. I hate skirts and dresses , long hair , I HATE WEARING SKIRTS AT School FOR THE PRODUCTION I NEVER SMILE THEN I WEAR A SKIRT OR DRESS AND HAVING MY HAIR TIED UP!!!

Answer #11

If you don’t want to tell your mom, you don’t have to.. Just start doing things to let her know, “Hey mom, I want to grow up and be a pretty lady now!” Lol.. It’s the same for me.. I used to be sooo boyish… Now here I am, wanting a garden, drinking afternoon peppermint tea, wanting to buy the frilly dresses from Baby The-Stars-Shine Bright (link: in case you’re interested.) But just don’t let it change who you are! I still act the same crazy hyper way I am… And if you ever become the woman you want to be, let it be known… YOU WILL HAVE SLIP UPS! If you like to climb trees as a tomboy, you might have the urge to climb up one when you walk past it… wearing a dress OMG. I still head-butt people… But still, don’t let womanhood change you, OK? If you need more help, just fun mail me! -Sincerely, Jiji

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