How do I become more of a girly girl?

  1. I dont wear the bras with the metal things at the bottom. 2.I wear the bras that have no protection.
  2. HELP ME!!!
Answer #1

Well, Just wear like pinks, light purples, light greens and skirts and dresses glossy make up and don’t be afraid to shower a little more!!!

Answer #2

You probably want to wear bright colors, glossy makeup! Oh and go to the spa to get those wrinkles redone! ha joking you face is pretty enough!

Answer #3

The type of bra you wear has nothing to do with being a girly girl. You really should just wear and dress how you want to and not try and be something you aren’t.

If you want to be more girly though, take it slow, don’t just jump right into it.

-Start by buying new bra’s, cute one’s with pring, push-up bras etc. -Buy some cute panties too! -Start wearing makeup - not a lot. Just a subtle amount.

Answer #4

1.What does your bra have to do with anything 2.Girlie is a state of mind

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