Emo, goth, girly girl, raver, crazy or quiet

Youve got to pick one of them, what one will it be out of those 6 what one are you most like, I picked emo

Answer #1

HOW DID I FORGET ROCKER!!…I should add idiot for me lol

Answer #2

Crazy rocker chick. You forgot rocker so I added it for you.

Answer #3

Quiet. ^_^ BUT I can be a little bit crazy when I get hyper!! xD

Answer #4

Goth, emo, girly-girl, and crazy. That’s me.

Answer #5

erm girly girl and quiet :)

Answer #6

stereotyping is a bad thing to do because everyone will define all those words differently,like I saw by shadow, cutting doesnt make someone emo it makes them in need of help. not to be a downer or anything…

Answer #7

I don’t wanna pick one =[ lol

Realistically I’m a: Crazy Emo Raver

But if I HAD to pick one I’d probably pick Crazy haha xD

Answer #8

GOTH, emo is kind of fukked up to choose, no offense but everyone confuses emo an goth, then people claim to be goth but cut… it gives us a bad name, but at least you do admit your emo t/y for that

Answer #9

definately crazy. yep, I’d say crazy.

Answer #10

Quiet. I am in real life, so…

Answer #11

I’m probably quiet. Well I know I’m quiet and maybe a little emo.

Answer #12

Probably goth/emo/crazy.

Answer #13


Answer #14

A crazy raver!!…with a little bit of all the other ones..

Answer #15

Emo Raver.

Answer #16

Well im mostly a girly girl and crazy. (: hehe.

Answer #17


Answer #18

Girly Girl :) x

Answer #19

Emo or krazi, a close tie.

Answer #20


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