How do I change into a girly girl from a tom boy I need helpp =(?

Well for 18 years I have dressed in tracksuit bottems, t.shirts, hoodies and trainers, and now I have had enough I want to change not for anyone else but for my self, I have tried wearing jeans and tops with shoes but I just dont feel comfortable I fill like the hole world is watching me, because I just feel to dressed up, I need help and advicee please

Answer #1

When I was born, till age 13 or 14 I was a major tomboy. I even had a boy’s haircut :/ lol. Anyway, around the age of 11-12, I had wanted to be more of a girl but didn’t think I could because people would say things etc so I just kept as a tomboy. But at age 14ish I really wanted to be like my friends so what I did was just started first of all wearing a bit more girly tops, just with my jeans and skate shoes lol. Then I started wearing mascara, just a bit so not many people noticed. When people did notice and say something I was just like um yeah so what? Then after like 3 months I gradually started wearing girls shorts and jewelry. I didn’t change my shoes completely until I was about 15 or 16 because I have never liked my feet and never felt comfortable with them.

Now I’m just an average girl. I don’t wear frilly stuff lol but I’m glad I’m more feminine. Hope I helped.

Answer #2

just start out simpler buy some jeans, go into a jean shop and ask the workers there what cut/style of jeans would suit your body shape best then wear a simple t-shirt with it and trainers when you feel cofortable wearing soemthing girly, like the jeans or a girly top (it doesnt have to be everything girly all at once) move onto a nother feminine item, like maybe a belt or bag or another acessory you could also start wearing a bit of make-up like some mascara and styling your hair differently

Answer #3

take your most stylish friend shopping, and buy stuff that she knows looks good on you and that you feel comfortable in. If you know that she thinks you look good, then that will give you confidence in yourself :) Go with what you feel comfortable in as well. Hope this helps :D x

Answer #4

Start by buying small feminin heels and gradually move to higher ones,thenwear lingerie then makeup.

Answer #5

start by wearing a little bit opf makeup then gradually move on to buying more feminine clothes

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