tips on how to masterbate

what ways can I masterbate?

Answer #1

If your a girl, This is my way and I like it. But be warned. Every person differs in what makes them happy:

  1. Get somthing small if its your first time, like a lip gloss container. Make sure it’s got a rounded tip.

  2. Put a little water on it.

  3. Get yourself on the ground or your bed. Make sure your comfortable.

  4. Put your feet up on somthing. Make sure they are higher than your head. Spread your legs.

  5. For the ultamite experience, relax first. Just lay there. Think about nothing. And DONT BE NERVOUS.

  6. Slowly begin to touch your breasts. Feel them (have your eyes closed or open but if they are open make sure your not focusing on anything)

  7. Keep one hand on your breast and slowly move the other one down to your thigh. (I did not have underwear but I was wearing pants and a shirt, loose pants.) Move your hand up and down your thigh while massaging your breast.

  8. With your breast hand, slowly take the lip gloss container or your object of choice. You clit might start to get a weird feeling like you really want to touch it. DONT.

  9. Tease yourself with the object by gently rubbing the spot between your poophole and vagina. This will drive you nuts. Slowly begin to touch and massage the part right above the hole. (I suggest you know where it is before you start all this.)

  10. Rub for a while. Gently, occasionaly harder but not to hard yet.

  11. At this point you should be aching to rub harder and just get going. Again, don’t. If you do not feel this yet, continue the teaseing, very gently.

  12. Slowly move your fingers to the hole, don’t put them in, but just finger it softly.

  13. Take your object and place it near the hole and your other hand. Take your free hand off the hole and start to massage your clit harder. (thats the spot above the hole)

  14. Slowly stick the object in. Gently, it shouldnt feel good yet. It might hurt a small amount going in. That means you’ve bumped a sensitive spot. Thats not a bad thing, just agle it a little and keep going.

  15. Once it’s in as far as it can be without loosing it to your pussy, begin slowly moving it in and out a little. Don’t take it all the way out, just a little. Get faster, and faster. Start massaging your clit HARD. Go nuts. You might feel like your on the brink of an orgasm. You might have one. This feels very good.

  16. Then stick it in all the way and start pushing it back and fourth hitting the sides of your hole. Faster, faster. Massage clit again.

  17. Repeat steps 15 and 16 as much as you want. If you take it out for longer than 30 sec, I suggest you excite yourself again with the teaseing. If you do, it will be worse. Since you have already done it, your going to want it worse.

  18. I would stop with the lip gloss for now, don’t go on to something bigger. save that for another night. You could be sore after this but you shouldnt be unless you used somthing large.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy it. P.S. Try it at night, your senses work better and your more horny.

Answer #2

so def use a vibrating toothbrush and put it on your clit I swear you will have an orgasm!!! it is AMAZING!!! just buy a new one because thats just gross if you don’t!

Answer #3

omg. the first person has really good advise. if you wanna make it quick, you can skip all the boob stuff, and I tried this for the first time today OMG what a great feeling. haha. I used the cap to my body spray, and I almost lost it. haha. I would try something a little longer than that. lol.

Answer #4

heyy:D omg I love masterbating!!it sort of calms me down you know…my parents are out most of the time so during the holidays I basically have the whole house to myself!!but I usually do it really late when my parents are asleep.

Answer #5

wow just reading that first long one got me going! just tried it and it was AMAZING

Answer #6

I’m 15 so I can’t really get my hands on a vibrator =P haha but what I’ve learned is helpful!!… And your parents won’t think ANYTHING of it!!! Once you need a new tooth brush, ask your parents to get a Pulsar toothbrush(those are the ones that vibrate)!! Haha get the pack with two so you can actually brush your teeth with a CLEAN ONE!!! I beg u, please don’t brush your teeth with cum on the bristles… LOL anyway, do everything it said in the long answer and take your time… Then just turn on the vibrating =) haha another thing that gets me orgasm EVERYTIME!!… Is to put the vibrating bristles on your clit… And hold it there a lil… Haha then move it some back and forth, side to side, and maybe even use some fingers inside you!.. That’s amazing! I’m actually gettting off right now… So it works for me =P HOPE it works for you! Bye!

Answer #7

Damn I’m getting horny reading these!! I want to rub but my famly’s in the room!!! Aaarrghh!! Haha xox

Answer #8

on the masterbating with the lip gloss tube: that’s is acctualy a very good ‘thing’ to use. that’s how I started. because I have VERY old fashioned and over protective parents, I’m unable to get a vibrator or dildo or anything. so I have to use thimgs around the house, also being careful so the rents fon’t nitice anything misdsing form, say the kitchen ;). I found that you get really deep penetration using a hair brush. I got it in 6in first time I masterbated.

but mind you, once I’m 18 (in 2 months time) I’m hitting all the sex stores around. I’m really interested in this We-Vibe.

Answer #9

Beachieb, touch her heart before you touch her body, set a romantic mood then if she wants it tease her a bit by touching her body and leave beggingfor you to touch hermore, then go for it :)

Answer #10

Isnt the lipgloss tube like really small? (seems like it would get stuck in there… its hella small) And will that break your hymen?

Answer #11

hey people, am 17 and a bloke I was just wondering whats the best tips you’ve got for a guy to please a girl, and what really gets you in the mood? x

Answer #12

I use the handle of my razor or a jumbo sharpie. they work amazingly! That first reply made me REALLY want to do it but my family was in the room. If you’re underage but have older friends you could always have one of them get you a vibrater. If you get a small one you can hide it almost anywhere.

Answer #13

heyy, um if you have already had sex and cant have a dildo, use a curly iron. obviously not when its on. and wash it and wash it. but my friends say it works

and holly, im not gay…but I wouldnt mind trying it with you. me and my friends make out for giggles, and my friend and me had dry sex…but id like to talk ;)

Answer #14

ok I just like to rub and my friend gave me a vibrater for my birth day the bad thing is I broke it.. we broke it dont ask. but I like to just rub alil and you can use the end of a ice cream scoop. but at hurt at 1st. but its what ever. but play w/ your clint omg orgasom. I had so many 1 time I soked my bed. it was wet. than I feel asleep bc I was tired

Answer #15

okay I have a question if yooh masturbate and stick stuff in your puzzy will yooh start your period.?

Answer #16

Get a vibrating massager and sit on the arm of that then suck your nipples



Answer #17

omg this thing actually got me to have an orgasm..infact I had four..slowly stroking my leg and massaging my clit really had me going..I couldnt wait to rub it harder..I’m going to do this more often and maybe when im ready ill have sex with boyfriend..

Answer #18

I tired it for the first time last night. I was txting this really hot guy and hes all like what are you doin. well I told since theres nothing to be ashamed of and he wanted photos and videos. is that normal?

Answer #19

omg it actually worked I got so horny I even kissed my friend who is a girl so we have horny fun. if you wanna be with me like a “lesbo” reply back and I could be lickin your under area soon.I am 14 btw!!! love you loads aand remeber reply>> cxxx

Answer #20

another good one is try a pointed tip of a shoe it feels awsome

Answer #21

I tryed that, is Cum suppose to be clear or white?? Cuz i got clear

Answer #22

you should try in different ways and show me what works best for you :)

Answer #23

ever get caught by family?

Answer #24

i need help me what is the web application what use ??? more etc

Answer #25

Use the handle part if an electric tooth-brush, use moving bristles on sensitive areas furtherly.

Answer #26

Lean or sit on activated clothes washer/ dryer

Answer #27
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