Tips on masterbating

I am a 14 year old girl who likes to masterbate. I need some new methods. Please answers soon(: thanks

Answer #1

Simply use your finger and rub around in circles, rather lightly, on your clitoris. Your clitoris is that little red, swelled up thing that is located close to your pee hole. If you use a vibrator then you risk the chance of losing sensitivity in your clitoris/vagina, and it will be hard for you to get off during sex or when being eaten out…AND THAT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO HAPPEN…I KNOW because it has happened to a friend of mine…

Answer #2

My favorite methods, are maybe using a jet from a jetted tub if you have one, the spray from a shower head (if thats possible,) using a back vibrator (unless you have a vaginal one already,) I am 14 too, so lol… I have a dildo, but you may not so I dont know… Im just trying to help, if you hate these, sorry lol. a replacement dildo could be like a brush handle or something these are just some… have fun masterbating! haha

Answer #3

sit on top of the dryer while its on

Answer #4

ake the handle of a disposable rasor and take it in and out… had so many orgasms i wet the bed :)

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